Reprofit Information

This page is about my experience of Reprofit. All opinions are my own.

If you want to know about how to get to the clinic then go to this page.


The clinic staff I have met have all been really friendly and very helpful. You are assigned a coordinator who will act as your liaison and will help you with working our dates/medications/tests etc.

There are several doctors at the clinic and you will be assigned one of them. My experience has been that they are all very good at what they do. You don’t always see your doctor – for example, I saw different doctors for each of my follicle scans. All of them were efficient, respectful and happy to answer my questions.

The Building

You walk into the entrance and there is a main reception area for the entire building. Reprofit is on the second floor. You’ll see the pharmacy is on the ground floor which you’ll probably need to visit at some point. (Note that it doesn’t open on Sundays)

You can see a video I made of walking into the building and getting to Reprofit’s reception on the getting to the clinic page.


All the contact information can be found on their website. I mainly communicated with my coordinator and she was really good at getting back to me in good time. However, it’s also good to know that the clinic has an emergency number which you can call anytime: +420 774 117 766

What to take

Here are the things I have had to take:

  • At the moment (August 2020) you have to wear a face mask in the clinic.
  • Don’t forget your passport.
  • It might help to bring your drugs with you. I went for a follicle scan at 9:30am and was told not to take my shot of Gonal-F before the scan. However, as my follicles were growing quickly the doctor wanted me to take my next shot as a half dose but he wanted me to take it there and then! I didn’t have it on me so I had to dash home,
  • On transfer day make sure you take a nightie/top to wear. I thought it’d be okay to wear a long t-shirt but as I was already wearing it when I went to the clinic, I wasn’t allowed to wear it for egg retrieval.