Fresh round timeline at Reprofit

I have had 2 fresh rounds at Reprofit and so this is my experience to give you some idea of what it will be like. I’ve written it out by my cycle days (CD) – so CD1 was the first day of my period.

CD2 – Started stims. I was on Gonal-F, Cetrotide and Ovitrelle.

CD 6 – Had first scan. (I had my scans at the clinic but most people have them done at home. If you have them at the clinic you don’t need to pay extra for them)

CD9 – Had second scan

CD10/11 – Trigger shot

CD12/13 – Egg retrieval

1 day post retrieval – you receive a day 1 update on your embryos via their online portal.

3 days post retrieval – you receive a day 3 update on your embryos via their online portal..

5 days later (CD17/18) – Embryo transfer! Hoorah! 🙂

6 days post retrieval – you will find out if any remaining embryos make it to freeze.

Of course, everyone’s experience will be slightly different. I know some women have stayed on stims for longer than I did.

Lots of people ask how long they need to be in Brno for to go through the process. Hopefully you can see from the timeline above that you probably need to be here for at least 7 days. I know lots of women from the UK have chosen to fly out straight after their 2nd scan and then stay in Brno until embryo transfer. If you’re coming from further away then I guess you’ll need to be here longer.