Some of the most frequently asked questions:

Q. Can I take my drugs on the plane?

A. Yes you can! Check out the drugs page for details.

Q. How long do I need to be in Brno for?

A. This really depends on if you’re visiting Reprofit for a fresh, frozen or donor round. I’d recommend asking in the Facebook group for more advice. (Look up ‘Reprofit Brno International Support Forum’ on Facebook) and also see my timeline for a fresh round.

Q. I feel like I need some more help with arranging all my plans.

A. There is an agency that was set up by a woman who has successfully had IVF at Reprofit. You can find out more about their services here

Q. The clinic needs to know my blood group, how can I find this out?

A. If you’re in the UK you could use Medichecks. Alternatively there are blood group testing kits on Amazon.

Q. What is the journey like from Prague to Brno?

A. Pretty easy and smooth. You can get a train direct and it takes around 2 hours and only costs about 10 Euros. The trains are really good and I have tried both the basic and upgraded service – both are really comfortable.

Q. Are you affiliated with any of the recommendations on this website?

A. I genuinely am not affiliated with any of the places I have recommended. All recommendations are based on my own experience or other Reprofit patient experiences. I have some ads on the bottom of each page to make sure I cover my hosting costs for this site but otherwise I just made this to hopefully help other women going through IVF in Brno.