The doctor will work out a protocol for you of which drugs they will prescribe. You then have a choice of where to get them from. This question is asked all the time and the truth is you need to do a fair bit of research to see where is going to be cheaper for you.

  • Fertility2u – For me, this company was the cheapest by a long way. They are based in the UK and can do next day delivery. You need to ask them for a quote and give them the prescription from the clinic. Once they’ve received that and if you’re happy to go ahead with the purchase, you’ll need to ask your coordinator to contact Fertility2u directly to authorise. I always received my box of drugs in good time and was happy with the service.
  • ASDA Pharmacy – This pharmacy is supposed to be really affordable. You need to ring round the pharmacies to see if they have what you need. Also be aware that they require the prescriptions to be in English so you need to ask your coordinator to send you a translated version.
  • Pharmawell – This is the pharmacy that Reprofit works with. I know they deliver to various countries. (US women at the clinic have reported that they take around 10-14 days to ship to the States)

Drugs on a plane!

Another question that everyone asks (and I was super worried about) is how to get your drugs on a plane. I’ve done 2 flights now from London and had no issues getting through, despite being stopped both times. I kept my meds in my hand luggage.

Here are my tips:

  • Buy a lunchbox/cooler bag for your meds.
  • Buy small-ish ice packs. I originally used the ice pack that my meds came with from the pharmacy. It was a huge brick but I thought it’d be fine. The airport staff stopped me because it was too big and I had to prove I needed the meds to be kept chilled.
  • Bring along the original packing and instructions. I folded down the boxes and kept them in my hand luggage. I actually had to prove that the drugs needed to be chilled so was really glad I did this!
  • Get a letter from your coordinator that proves you are heading to Brno for IVF and need to bring your meds. I never had to show it but it’s reassuring to know that you have it.